I don’t do a lot of candle burning, I think it can be overused and taken far too lightly – but I do believe burning candles can be very powerful when used in conjunction with the right psychic work to bring about what I term to be essentially “remote influencing” – that is influencing from a distance a person/energies surrounding them and subsequently effect knock on real life events involving them.

Psychic remote influencing can be done by the psychically advanced without any candle burning, but candle burning does help to focus the psychic will, and because of the length of time taken to burn down even a small candle, the ‘magic’ can carry on working long past even the strongest can keep actively psychically engaged.

However candle burning without remote influencing is not powerful. ‘Just’ burning a candle without the correct accompanying psychic work, I have found, is not particularly helpful or potent and so does not achieve the same results – at least, in my experience – and this is possibly why many people don’t take it too seriously and/or think that candle burning doesn’t work for them. Candle burning DOES work, for lots of different situations, if you/your helper does it right!

By ‘psychic work’, by the way, I mean doing some initial divination to see what is right in a given situation, and then by using remote influencing and other methods projecting psychic energy into the situation and working with surrounding energies to bring about what should be while preparing and then burning the candle/s.

This working with what should be is key, because if something should not be, it should be left well alone. One should always respect another’s freewill, even if’s not going the same way as your will! It’s unethical to try to make someone be with you if they don’t want to be, and as well as it being unethical it’s not good for you in the long run.

If when doing a psychic reading into a specific situation I see that the lover does NOT want to be with the client, then there’s no way I’ll even attempt to do remote influencing or candle burning to make that lover return to her/bind himself to her. Other people less ethical would, but then either they’re full of it and have no psychic power at all and are only interested in taking your dollar, and/or they do not have your best interests at heart because of the ‘backfiring’ (karma rebound, some may say) you (and they) would get as a consequence of doing something like this that would later manifest in your relationship. [There is a magic that could initially work in the short run to make someone obsessed with you, but apart from the latter rebound, it’s also hardly the best thing for your self esteem to believe someone’s only with you cos of a little ‘magic’ you did! You’ll never really have real love in a situation like that, even if he is bound to you. And I have no interest in magic like that – indeed I don’t even class as what I do as magic, but psychic energy work.]

On the other hand, if when reading for the client, I saw that he did love the client and wanted to commit to her but had baggage holding him back he wanted to get rid of but couldn’t, in such a situation remote influencing candle burning could work to loosen off this baggage/fear of commitment etc – in such a circumstance, I don’t see any ethical problems at all, as it is for HIS overall good too and he really wants rid of it – I’m just helping and working with him and helping bringing it into reality for him for HIS (as well as my client’s) overall good.

I have certainly seen extraordinary results each time my kind of candle burning has been used, just as I and my past clients have seen extraordinary results with remote influencing without a candle. But the wisdom is knowing what is right and when it’s right. That way gets results.

As just one example as to how effective these techniques can be – some years ago, an engagement was psychically seen for two lovers, however the man had certain issues holding him back from proposing to her (there was no doubt though that he truly loved the lady concerned). Candles were used for this along with some remote influencing and visualisation, and just 2 days later, he proposed to the lady involved. I believe the engagement was always going to happen, this just made it happen quicker and easier. (Many years later they are still married.)

(It should go without saying that individual results can and will vary!)

Lastly, I know there are long lists of which colour of candle is supposed to be appropriate for burning in a specific situation, e.g. pink for this, green for that. But rather than refer to these lists, I prefer to go by own intuition in choosing the ‘right’ candle colour each time. Apart from every person and each situation being different, and so each response must be individually tailored and different to achieve the most effective results, I have always found that the colour that works best is what my own subconscious associates it with, forget about textbook dictionary meanings – so for example, I used gold candles to promote the above engagement because I associated them with wedding rings – while most textbooks say gold is for wealth.

If I can assist you in any way with remote influencing or candle work on your behalf, please contact me so we can discuss it.

Some of the things it can be used for:

  • Return a lover
  • Get rid of his/her emotional baggage
  • Encourage commitment
  • Help with weight loss
  • Help return lost pets

Anna Arcadius

Article copyright Anna Arcadius, August 2010

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. psychicclairvoyant
    Aug 17, 2010 @ 17:35:14

    Somebody asked me how candle burning with remote influencing can help with slimming and weight loss.

    Well, as one example, it can change the energies and mindsets so it’s far easier for somebody to stick to a healthy eating plan and to live a healthier lifestyle. So as well as being able to help with will power and appetite, all the wrong food could seem far less tempting and the receptive person will be able to resist whereas before perhaps they just couldn’t.

    Candle burning won’t miraculously melt the pounds away all on its own, but it works with the receptive to help and speed up the weight loss process and make it as easy as possible for them.



  2. psychicclairvoyant
    Aug 21, 2010 @ 13:53:38

    As Cat Lady pointed out on another article, remote influencing could be used to work on returning lost pets.


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